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2019 Reference Guides

2019 Key Financial Data Reference Card

This year will be the first year to file taxes under the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017. Don’t let the new changes confuse you! This useful reference card lays out all the new numbers affecting taxes, health savings, Medicare, retirement, college planning, and more.

2019 Retirement Calendar Checklist

Planning on retiring? It’s important to be aware of the tasks need to be done before Take a look at this Retirement Calendar Checklist, designed to keep you aware of all the tasks and deadlines involving taxes, Medicare, retirement account distributions, year-end planning, and more.

2019 Healthcare Quick Reference Guide

Whether you planning on enrolling in Medicare soon or you want to stay on top of your health care expenses in 2019, this Health Care Quick Reference Guide can be a handy resource for you. It lists the premiums, deductibles, deadlines, and other key information you need to make smart health care decisions.

Key College Funding Data 2019-2020

Preparing for college is a very exciting time! If you or your child has started the process, you may be feeling overwhelmed with many of the details following the tuition. This data card includes a checklist to guide you through the process, and information about the FAFSA, scholarships and the award letter.